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adjudicator n : a person who studies and settles conflicts and disputes

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  • /æ.dʒu.dɪˈkeɪ.tɔɹ/


  1. One, especially a man or boy, who adjudicates; compare: adjudicatrix.
    The State Department has hired hundreds of new passport adjudicators, put employees to work around the clock and opened a new processing facility in Arkansas but has still been unable to meet the demand [for the issuance of new passports]. — Houston Chronicle (6/8/2007)

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An adjudicator is someone who presides, judges and arbitrates during a formal dispute. The term adjudicator essentially means a judge, without invoking the legal term. An Ombudsman is a type of adjudicator in local government in the United Kingdom.
An example of an adjudicator is a person who makes a preliminary judgment as to an unemployment insurance claim. An adjudicator makes an initial decision to keep a case from going to court. Although the adjudicator's decision doesn't have the same legal weight, an adjudicator has still rendered a decision just like a judge. Although a case can be appealed to a judge, the adjudicator's decision is frequently accepted as the same as what a judge would make, keeping many time-consuming cases out of the court system.
Adjudicator is also a term used to refer to a panel of judges in the process of receiving a Top Secret/SCI clearance for the United States government. Adjudicators are the panel that review all of the information from a background investigation and a polygraph and make a decision whether or not to grant the clearance. Adjudicators also exist for immigration benefits.
In the context of music or theater, an adjudicator is someone gives a critical evaluation of performances in competitions or festivals, resulting in the award of marks, medals or prizes.
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